The building process is an ever evolving process involving many unknowns and unforeseen issues.

To get around these issues, requires a certain amount of experience and knowledge. This knowledge comes over many years of resolving issues and creating landmark buildings. No learning establishment can teach you this. The people responsible for these buildings are few and far between. 

There are three things which make a successful project. Budget, time and quality. The three together control cost. Cost controls make all projects successful.

Team Building has what is needed to build any major project without all the overheads and irrelevant people of the big boys. We build the team to create success.

We are a developers dream with the energy and experience to make the process as simple as possible.

We can advise developers from site purchase, town planning, cost effective design, building orconstruction management, through to handing over the keys, as it is what we do every day of our business life. No other builder can offer all these services. A one stop shop. We will keep all parties honest and accountable throughout the development phase.

We offer a full turnkey solution to all development proposals. 

As one of the only fully integrated construction companies, we boast a plumbing & electrical division. The introduction of Team Building Plumbing, Drainage and Roofing as well as Team Building Electrical and Communications allows our organisation to control the major areas of any project, ensuring quality, program and end user satisfaction is achieved at all costs. Further confirmation as to why we are serious about our construction company and delivery of projects to our selected and important clients.

Experiences allows this to happen.

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Quality, Integrity, approachability creates desirability.


Team Green Constructions

Team Building are proud to be undertaking breakthrough builds and doing our part for the environment via our environmentally sustainable construction business Team Green Constructions.

Team Green Constructions is involved in one of Melbourne's first developments of its kind. Offering a 9 star energy rating, Team Green Constructions provide all that is necessary for a beautiful, healthy lifestyle. 

Services Offered Include:

  • Commercial construction.

  • Domestic construction.

  • Retail fit outs.

  • Project and Construction Management.

  • Development Management.

  • Plumbing Drainage and Roofing.

  • Electrical and Telecommunications.